Hi, I'm Thalassa.

Dutch-born. Location-independent.
Dutch-born. Location-independent.

I’ve always dreamt of a life filled with adventure, passion, and commitment. It’s in my DNA. So in 2017, I took a leap of faith and planted new roots in northeastern Spain. Tucked into my carry-on, I brought my laptop—and with it, my freelance social media strategy and management business. 


I believe social media is the key to helping innovative companies thrive and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

I work with brands, big and small, across the globe. I help them grow their business and connect with their audience through social media. I wear two hats—strategist and manager. 

As a strategist, I intimately get to know a business’ operations, audience, and industry. Then I build a customized social media game plan for social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

As a manager, I get my hands dirty and execute on behalf of a brand. I create content, own community management, and data analytics. 

Asking me to pick my favorite social media role is like asking me to pick my favorite motorbike. I just can’t do it! 

Don’t believe me? Take a peek at my Linkedin feed to see my latest musings, interests, and findings regarding social media strategy and management.

While I consider Spain my forever home, I believe working remotely and leading a location-independent lifestyle makes my work more versatile, creative, and dynamic. To learn more about my life in-between meetings, check out my instagram

If you work with me, this is what you get: a reliable, open-minded, thoughtful, and seasoned remote partner who will get the job done. 

So, ready to get started?