The right scheduling tool is your biggest time-saver

How I manage to post regularly different content on multiple platforms for various clients? It's all about social media scheduling tools. After all these years of working with social media, I've tried many and found my favorites. Give them a try yourself; it's a great way to be efficient and a real time-saver.


When the main focus is on Instagram, I love using Later. You can use it for publishing on other platforms as well, but for Instagram they offer the best tools in my opinion. The interface is very user-friendly, it shows a great preview of what your profile will look like. You can create saved captions, which comes in handy to save hashtags for different topics. It also comes with a tool to find more hashtags, although for hashtag inspiration I would say nothing beats MetaHashtag. Later also has a decent built-in imagery editing option, which I often use to make sure the dimensions are exactly right for each platform. What's more, they have insightful analytics for Instagram including the best time to post and hashtag performance. Their pricing structure is also fair. I would recommend Later to anyone who's main focus is on Instagram, with some other platforms on the side.


Both Later's feed view and calendar view are very useful and intuitive.

Later 2


Another favorite is Buffer, which I like to use when a client works with lots of different platforms and accounts. Like Later, the UI is very straightforward. What I love about Buffer is that they connect with so many platforms, including LinkedIn and Facebook groups. The downside of Buffer for me is their pricing structure: you need an additional plan for analytics and when you need more than 8 accounts, it becomes expensive quickly. However, for one business being active across the major social networks, or individuals managing their own groups, it's a great choice.

Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook also has its own scheduling tool for Facebook and Instagram, which is called Creator Studio. When managing several clients, it lacks a good overview in my opinion. However, I do use it to schedule Instagram posts with multiple images. As far as I'm aware, Creator Studio is the only tool that does this directly; all other tools will send a notification to your mobile phone, after which you still have to post it manually. The same goes for IGTV. In practice, for my Instagram clients and my own Instagram accounts, I use a mix of Later and Creator Studio.

There are many other tools out there, some of which offer way more features, such as great listening and inbox tools. However, they often come in a completely different price range and seem to overcomplicate the workflow. What works for you depends on your business. Most of these scheduling tools will offer free trials, so make use of that and see which you like best. If you're not sure, feel free to send me a message and I'd be happy to help you find the best tool.